Esta Porter

Head of Business Development and Client Services

Esta started her career in the post production industry in 1994 at Bristol facility house BFV. She subsequently gained extensive experience in production, working variously at the BBC, Partridge Films and United Productions. Having spent over six years as a production co-ordinator and then a production manager she has an invaluable insight into exactly what our clients need. Deciding to move back into post, Esta became a project manager at Films at 59 and then facility manager at Big Bang Post Production, both providing her with a wealth of knowledge of technical workflows, budgets and schedules. Now part of the Evolutions Bristol team, Esta is responsible for sales and ensuring our clients have the best experience possible.

Francesca Milano

Client Services Manager

Francesca joined Evolutions in August 2014 as a receptionist. Absorbing knowledge like a sponge, she learnt the basics of post producing and so migrated into the bookings team in 2015, first as a coordinator, developing her knowledge and skills, then moving through the ranks to be a Post Producer. She gained a thorough knowledge of post production work flows, a great technical awareness, and developed solid relationships with clients and editors alike.

Francesca has now taken another step across and is the Client Services Manager for Bristol as of November 2018, with her wealth of knowledge and superior client service abilities, she is managing the 4 Bristol facilities and her team of runners, ensuring the team and buildings are up to spec, and delivering the best client experience in Bristol!