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Cut off from modern society, Eden witnesses how a group of 23 men and women cope when they are relocated to a remote part of the Scottish Highlands for a year. Allowed to take only what they can carry, the participants attempt to create an ideal lifestyle using the most basic necessities.

Online Editor: Nick Dixon
Online Editor: Ian Goff
Online Editor: Jamie Home
Online Editor: Jonathan Field
Online Editor: Yiorgos Loizou
Dubbing Mixer: Adrian Smith
Dubbing Mixer: Richard Ashley
Dubbing Mixer: Robert Morgan
Dubbing Mixer: Filipe Pereira
Dubbing Mixer: Chris Braaten
Dubbing Mixer: Michael Wood
Dubbing Mixer: Mark Owen
Dubbing Mixer: Nerys Richards
Colourist: Tim O’Brien
18.07.16 Keo Films Channel 4, Entertainment, Reality www.channel4.com/programmes/eden