The Changing Room

RDF for Channel 4

“Full post production for the 3 x 60 minute series was carried out at Evolutions Bristol. Channel 4 rigs the fitting rooms of House of Fraser, New Look, H&M, Monsoon, House of CB and River Island in a bid to undress all of the drama and secrets that occur in ‘The Changing Room’. The multi layered fx were each collapsed and separated during the pre-grade in order to give the Baselight each individual element to grade. Online Editor Joanne Curtis then reassembled these layers post-grade reapplying each fx layer, creating the multi screen fx and animated wipes throughout the programme. Blair Wallace (Head of Grading) tackled the grade. In the grading suite all multi layered/animated and transitional shots were supplied as full screen elements allowing the full toolset of Baselight to be applied.”

Online Editor: Joanne Curtis
Dubbing Mixer: Joe Siddons
Colourist: Blair Wallace


15.09.15 RDF West Entertainment