Welcome to Sheraton Street

A 13,000 square ft facility built and designed specifically to meet the growing needs of the business, and you, the clients.
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Our flagship facility at Sheraton Street can be found just off Wardour Street in the heart of London’s Soho.

The Facility

Spanning across the first floor of Medius House, hidden away behind the rustic brick is our 13,000 square foot Sheraton Street facility, designed and built with the needs of our clients in mind.

In addition to light and comfortable suites with state of the art technology, the facility boasts break out areas nestled inbetween the rooms and a gorgeous large client lounge area that can be used at any time – viewings, TX parties, impromptu meetings or general space away from a session, this stunning open-plan area is a space dedicated to our clients that is rarely found in a central Soho facility. It has been known to comfortably hold 100 people, if not a few more!

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2 Sheraton Street
Tel : 020 7580 3333