We ensure that clients have the best equipment at their disposal, operating on the latest technical infrastructure

Our newest facility, on Sheraton Street, has in fact been designed for the future having been built around file based ingest and delivery. But we don’t believe that our business is just about kit – having the right tools for the job is assumed.  Our business is about our people and their talent. You can call on Evolutions’ wealth of experience when you are setting up your production – or at the development stage – to help you define your entire production process both creatively and technically.

This could include location services or advice on technical delivery as well as traditional post production services. We also support clients’ in-house offline operations and will provide you with free consulting to ensure smooth delivery from cutting room to finishing suites.


Evolutions has one of the most successful sound departments in the industry and the recent growth this part of our operation has seen is testament to the skill and creativity of our team of dubbing mixers. We are now running thirteen audio suites with 5.1 Surround/Dolby E available at three of our four sites.

All of our dubbing theatres run Avid Pro Tools and Pro Control.  We have recently upgraded two of our suites to the latest ICON consoles, offering increased automation and the ability to work simultaneously with unlimited audio tracks.

Each suite runs the Sonomic sound effects server ensuring over 100,000 sound effects are available at each and every session.  All of our suites have access to Voice Over recording booths and Foley facilities are available at our Great Pulteney Street site.

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Evolutions is renowned as the UK’s premier edit house.  Needless to say, it is our policy to ensure that our clients have the best equipment at their disposal, operating on the latest technical infrastructure.  But we don’t believe that our business is about kit – having the right tools for the job is assumed.  Our business is about our people and their talent.

Our editing talent crosses all genres, and all disciplines across the offline, online spectrum. We also welcome freelancers to our editing operation, usually engaged by our clients in an offline capacity, or by ourselves on your behalf.

Our craft teams’ effectiveness doesn’t start in the suite.  We prefer it to start long before that – not just for editing but across of our departments.  You can call on Evolutions’ wealth of experience when you are setting up your production – or at the development stage – to help you define your entire production process, both creatively and technically.  We also support clients’ in-house offline operations and will provide you with free consulting to ensure smooth delivery from cutting room to finishing suites.

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At Evolutions we have one of the industry’s most talented and creative team of Colourists, operating the latest and most flexible grading systems.

Using the non-linear grading platform, Filmlight’s Baselight, our Colourists have the perfect creative toolset for all genres. Baselight’s non-linear technology offers multi layer grading in real time, free hand shapes and tracking possibilities, and is fully integrated with Avid and file based workflows.

With Baselight suites at each of our sites in Sheraton Street and Great Pulteney Street in London’s Soho, and at our Bristol facility, we can offer a dedicated grading solution wherever your project may be based. Our Colourists’ credit lists include television of every genre plus corporate and commercials, ensuring that we have the experience and creative eye to give any production true, on screen value.

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With Evolutions as it’s parent company, Earth focuses on short form design and animation projects which often connect with and enhance evolutions edit based work.

Earth is a creative, motion production studio working in live action production and direction, motion graphic design and high end visual effects. They create iconic content for broadcasters, production companies, advertising agencies and brand owners alike.

Their producers, directors, designers and animators expertly shape all kinds of moving image from initial concept work to delivery or implementation and everything in between. From in-programme graphics and title sequences to channel branding, Earth has the creative vision and technical skills to add that extra something to your next project.

To find out more about Earth visit earthlondon.tv

We provide fast track encoding, duplication and conversion service. We have the most up to date equipment and guarantee to produce the highest quality results every time. All HD, SD and file formats can be delivered, alongside all archive and heritage versions.

We fully understand the importance of a speedy response, firstly in providing the quote and then delivering the technical requirements – in advance of your deadline.

In this specialist area we guarantee that all of our technical operators are fully trained and extremely experienced particularly in quality assessment, legalisation and Harding testing.

Our operation is 24/7, our broadcaster background means that our technical standards are second to none.  We make sure our prices are competitive and work to help make your budget go further.

Post production is a service business, so we make a point of keeping it a top priority. Every Evolutions building is served by a team of runners who make sure that our clients are fed and watered, and their every need attended to.

You may not have thought about what IT services you’ll need; it ought to be obvious and that’s our philosophy.

Of course there’s a PC in the suite and a printer nearby. Yes it has Office, iTunes and speakers. How do you get this JPG into the Avid? There, a few clicks. You need to share some documents between edits but others must be private? No problem. What about sound libraries? Half a dozen to chose from. WiFi for your laptop or iPad? Simple.

We also offer fully equipped production offices and a logging area with machines ready for Cinegy, FORscene and Interplay. And a user-friendly FTP server and streaming server make remote approval straight forward.

All simple really; and for when it’s not we have a dedicated front-line support team experienced in ensuring it all just works.

Evolutions Location Services concentrates solely on work happening outside of our buildings. The division has a dedicated team who concentrate on delivering a bespoke service for each and every project.

“Luther” is our in-house ingest system, designed to help combat the challenges of making observational documentaries. “Luther” captures a high res, low res and proxy version of each multi camera switched stream to a server, enabling instant logging and editing, eliminating the need to ingest tape and negating the conform process altogether.

Despite our love for “Luther”, we are not tied to our monstrous creation. If another product fits the project, budget and time constraints better, we will happily use it. In fact we take pride in keeping abreast of technological advancements to ensure we always offer the best solution to any particular project.

We have two stunning Viewing Theatres at both our Sheraton Street and Berwick Street facilities. The suites feature a 60″ plasma screen and can access our Unity ISIS storage. This means that it’s as quick and easy to deliver viewings for commissioners and execs if need be, without even stopping the edit!

For more information contact your post producer.

Our team of Post Production Producers are the glue that holds everything together. When you work at Evolutions, they are your key day-to-day point of contact, taking personal responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of your project.

They will work with you to design the best workflow for your project, schedule the right facilities and people, ensure efficient handover between departments as your project progresses, keep you up to date on costs and generally make everything easier and less stressful for you.

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Evolutions’ Operations team are our engine room. They do everything from co-ordinating getting all of the right equipment in place and managing media storage, to digitising rushes, picture conforming, duplications and deliverables.

Quality Assurance is also a key responsibility for this department. To this end we have set up dedicated SD & HD capable QC booths. They all have grade 1 monitors, OmniTek and Tektronix scopes and monitoring, and of course Harding PSE testing comes as standard.

We believe that our technical set-up is the most reliable you will find in the business, but on the rare occasions things do go wrong, it’s reassuring to know that you have some of the industry’s finest engineering talent in place so we can get you up and running again – fast!

We have a lot of Avid systems, so it makes sense that all of our Engineers are ACSR certified, but we also ensure that we’ve got the specialist knowledge to deal with pretty much anything that could go wrong with any of our kit, throughout every department.

But our Engineering team do much more than support. At Evolutions, we stay ahead of the competition by finding new and better ways of doing things. Our engineers are a key part of that process and you are very likely to meet them long before your production starts as we explore what is going to be the best way to gear up for your project – from technical facilities through to IT systems and software development.